Print Swiss Post pack­age labels direct­ly from WooCommerce

Swiss Post Bar­code for WooCommerce

Peo­ple who run online stores and send pack­ages via DHL have known this for a long time — there are plu­g­ins that allow you to print address labels direct­ly from the WooCom­merce backend/dashboard and request a pick­up at the same time.

For those who use the post office for this, it is not pos­si­ble so far.

The Post Office only offers API ser­vices for this, you have to write your own plug-in pro­gram — only a few can do this, if you are going to hire an agency it will get very expen­sive very quickly.

You may already know Mamedev.ch through their Post­fi­nance for WooCom­merce plu­g­in or their Twint plugin.

They released a new plu­g­in, WooCom­merce Bar­code. Now you can final­ly print par­cel labels direct­ly from Post’s WooCom­merce dashboard.

If need­ed, you can also use WooCom­merce to buy stamps for small­er orders.

I think this is a very cool thing and I know sev­er­al online stores are eager­ly wait­ing for this. Many thanks to Dirk Hüt­tig for pro­gram­ming this WooCom­merce plugin.

Cost: For 1 web­site you pay 119 francs per year, if you also need a stamp plu­g­in you pay 199 francs per year

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